Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is aimed at business owners, leaders and managers who wish to grow their work performance and develop as authentic leaders.


Coaching accelerates an individuals development through a series of confidential, goal based and results focused coaching sessions.


These sessions seek to identify gaps in self awareness, performance and behaviours which are limiting the individuals effectiveness in their role. 


With the executives commitment, pre-defined time bound goals and milestones are set to demonstrate and measure improvements.

This non directive management tool is now becoming widely used as its results have proven so effective. A recent UK study of executive coaching concluded that coaching has also a greater impact on performance compared with other popular workplace development tools.


We passionately believe that coaching helps grow your business talent.  

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Effective Leadership Development

Our executive coaching  program may encourage you to think about :


What makes an effective leader ?

Who has ever inspired you ?

How did that person make you feel ?

What did they do ?


What behaviours and skills are important for you to develop to have an impact as a leader ? 


Coaching can facilitate participants in investigating how better to use their time and model successful behaviour patterns, enabling improvement in productivity and efficiency.

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Leadership  Training Courses

Are you looking for ways to improve your team's effectiveness and performance expectations ?


Then join us on one of our highly rated, fun and effective leadership development courses.


Our tailored in-house and open courses are designed to develop people and teams by being practical and relevant to their workplace. There are options to provide on going support to delegates post event, to further embed the learning.


We also provide high quality team building days for the public and private sectors.


Our leadership development courses and team event events include :

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